• Airport pick up
  • Nanny/ babysitter
  • Security


  • Vip tables booking
  • Restaurant and hotel booking

No line up and no cover to the best Restaurants, Bar & Discos, Vip Lounges and Clubs in Ibiza. We handle the reservations for you and your group, with no hassle.


Villa Grocery Pre stock Service
Have your place stocked with the groceries and beverages of your choice so you can you can start enjoying your vacation the moment you arrive. We can help you remove the stress of grocery shopping for your trip so you can spend more time on vacation. All you have to do is fill out the pre-stock grocery form and submit it to us.

We provide you with the grocery receipt at check-in for reimbursement. It is optional to pay a grocery deposit pay the balance upon arrival.

Private Cook

Enjoy the best local & international food, barbecue and more from a private chef while you and your friends are having a nice pool party at home.

Sport & Health

  • Personal trainer
  • Yoga instructor
  • Massage